Toil On a Little Longer


Toil on a little longer here,
For thy reward awaits above,
Nor droop in sadness or in fear
Beneath the rod that's sent in love;
The deeper wound our spirits feel,
The sweeter heaven's balm to heal.


Faith lifts the veil before our eyes,
And bids us view a happier clime,
Where verdant fields in beauty rise,
Beyond the withering blasts of time;
And brings the blissful moment near,
When we in glory shall appear.


What glory then shall fill the soul,
When parted friends again shall meet,
Beyond the reach of death's control,
And cast their crowns at Jesus' feet;
His matchless love and grace adore,
And never taste of sorrow more.


Then let us hope; 'tis not in vain;
Though moistened by our grief the soil,
The harvest brings us joy for pain,
The rest repays the weary toil;
For they shall reap who sow in tears,
Rich gladness through eternal years.

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